5 Tips To Entertain Younger Guest During Wedding Ceremony

Children are notoriously restless and don’t have very long attention spans. Weddings are often a
challenge for their patience and good behavior. If you anticipate having young children attend your
wedding, choose a wedding entertainer like Magician Sydney that makes allowances for them.

You don’t need to transform your wedding area into a playground, but having wedding entertainment to keep younger kids occupied means everyone will have a better time!

1. Don’t Let Them Feel Bored

While the speeches may be a part of the wedding entertainment for the adults, especially if they are funny, kids won’t understand and will be bored. Remind those making speeches to keep them short. Hire a kid’s entertainer like magician Sydney, who will entertain them during long boring speeches. Consider a break if there are many speeches, where guests can get up and walk around, and young children are released from sitting still!

2. Bring in some help.

Usually, wedding entertainment is aimed at adults; therefore, consider bringing entertainers like magician to help entertain the kids. If you can, set up a small room for the kids to use and stock it with some books and toys. Hire a babysitter or two from a service for the evening, to read the kid’s stories, and play games with them. Not only will you keep the kids occupied, but their parents will be free to enjoy the rest of the wedding entertainment without worrying about the kids.

3. Get into the groove

Kids love to dance from the time they can stand, so when choosing the musical portion of your wedding entertainment, try to select music that kids will enjoy. This doesn’t mean you need to hire children’s musicians as your wedding entertainment! Just try to select a genre that young kids will enjoy dancing around. If you have hired a DJ, ask them to play a good selection of bouncy music tracks. You will find the adults enjoy it just as much as the kids and the dance floor will be packed. If you are planning to hire a band to provide wedding entertainment, look for a band that plays upbeat and of course, appropriate music for kids to enjoy.

4. A bag of fun

Wedding entertainment for kids doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a cue from a children’s birthday party and hire an entertainer like Wedding Magician Sydney. Also, provide goodie bags for the kids attending. Fill them with simple activities such as crayons and a small coloring book, small toys, play-dough, or travel versions of popular games.

5. Send them on a mission.

Another great wedding entertainment idea for kids is magician hire and set up a magical treasure hunt they can engage in throughout the evening. Hand over a list of items to them so that they can collect the form around the reception hall. Plan ahead by placing the item around the hall so they can find them easily enough, but with enough effort to keep them occupied for a while. As part of the wedding entertainment for the rest of the guests, hand out prizes at the end.

Final Words Wedding entertainment for kids simply means keeping them occupied and preventing boredom. When you incorporate these ideas into your wedding entertainment plans, you will be sure both parents and kids have a blast at your wedding!

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