SEO has now become widely adopted as an online marketing strategy, know why?

The sphere of Internet advertising is rapidly developing and covers a large audience. Regularly, there are new methods of site promotion to increase visitors and buyers. Each has its specifics, the algorithm of work, duration, cost, and quality of the final result.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), contextual advertising SEA (Search Engines Advertising), as well as attracting visitors through social networks SMM (Social Media Marketing) occupy a leading position in the market of Internet marketing. Additional methods are also valid: sending by e-mail, viral advertising.

Effective search engine optimization can be carried out by using several advertising channels at once. This is effective but requires considerable investment. Often, marketers use several channels of promotion on the Internet but highlight the main and support. The primary method of valid promotion is SEO.

Advantages of SEO (Search engine Optimization)

  • Long-term effect:

A specific feature of the search promotion tool is the long-term preservation of the result, even after the suspension of all works. This effect is achieved through high-quality optimization, which completly transmits to the client at the end of the contract and allows you to attract targeted traffic from search engines for a long time.

  • Working with a large number of requests:

When optimizing a site, work can be carried out both with a specific list of requests and with an extended semantic core, aimed at attracting a large amount of traffic from search engines. In this and another case, the correct optimization of the site allows you to attract visitors not only by the main subject requests but also by related ones, according to which the site begins to rank well in search engines.

  • Low cost of attracted visitor:  

When working on a monthly fee or using a restrictive payment, the cost of each new visitor is reduced. For example, if the subscription fee for website promotion is 50,000 rubles, the cost of the first 10,000 visitors will be 5 rubles. If during the reporting period, the number of users was 15,000, then the cost of each visitor is already 3 rubles.

  • The constant growth of traffic:  

Due to high-quality site optimization and regular work on additional optimization, the dynamics of attracted traffic to the site has a constant positive trend. In addition to the main requests, the site begins to be ranked by close or “tail” requests, which also contributes to the growth of traffic from search engines.

  • Target audience:  

When searching for promotion to the site, to a greater extent, it is the target audience that is interested in your products or services, because your site becomes a response to a user’s query in a search engine.

  • Increase the credibility of the channel:  

Many users, first of all, have more confidence in the natural delivery of the search engine than in advertisements. Therefore, for high-quality promotion of business on the Internet, we recommend using the broadest possible list of tools. Also, proper sharing of tools such as contextual advertising and search engine promotion create a synergy effect and further increase brand awareness because the user, at his request, begins to more often come across a mention of your company.

  • Improving Conversion

It is no secret that good website ranking depends not only on the quality of optimization but also on the quality of the site as a whole. Therefore, when promoting a site, experts work with such important indicators as Usability of the site (Usability) Failure rate View depth Time on the site Page load speed, correct display on mobile devices, etc. All these works, of course, improve the quality of the resource, thereby increasing the conversion and, as a result, the site begins to rank better in search engines.

  • Increasing brand awareness:  

With the right approach to optimizing a site, which leads to an increase in search traffic to a site on topical requests related to the company’s products or services, a particular increase in the so-called brand traffic can be noted over time, which indicates an increase in brand awareness.  

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