These Fabrics are Perfect for Wedding Ghagra Cholis during the Cold Season


Oh, has the Pundit decided that you should get married in the winter season? This could be a cause for concern, since you may be residing in a place with extremes of climate. Well, then, you will just have to ensure that your clothing keeps you warm and does not make you shiver and tremble even while the wedding rituals are going on! After all, it is your ‘big’ day, and you want to look poised, calm and beautiful! Fortunately, for you, several fabrics prove greatly useful for winter weddings.

Smooth and Satiny
Satin fabric sparkles, is wonderfully smooth to the touch and exhibits a superb flow over the silhouette from top to bottom! It does not even cause your skin to feel itchy or irritated! This is because fibres, such as wool, silk and cotton, come into play for creating this glossy-looking material. In case, the demand is for inexpensive satin, textile manufacturers opt for combinations of acetates and polyester. Regardless, you should not mind spending a little more on your wedding dress, for it is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Since it is a lightweight fabric, you should find it easy to move around even in the heaviest of lehengas. You will also achieve another desire in your designer ghagra choli, which is, looking distinctively aristocratic and royal!

Silky Stuff

Like many traditional brides, you might prefer to adhere to silken clothing. The reason is obvious! This material is always ‘in trend’, marvellously soft and smooth to behold, and gives the impression of elegance and grace. Now, silk fabrics are of different types, and you might find it hard to choose an apt variety for your ghagra choli. Here are a few suggestions.

ghagra choli
ghagra choli for the wedding

Raw Silk

If you are willing to spare no expense on your wedding dress, go for the best quality on earth. This is raw silk, which even fashion designers are aware, is of premium quality. Apart from being light in weight, it will also aid in regulating your body temperature.

Douppioni Silk

Thanks to the weavers’ skills in combining two diversely coloured threads, the fabric tends to change its hues in different kinds of lighting. Its lustre dazzles, since the colours are bright. Furthermore, despite being crisp and nubby in looks and touch, it refuses to wrinkle too much. The snag is that, despite the fibres being sturdy and heavy, they cannot guarantee durability. Therefore, you might have your bridal lehenga choli reversed into a dress, skirt, etc, for future use.

Crepe Silk

Similar to raw silk and Douppioni silk, this material is lightweight and ideal for your ghagra-choli. However, crepe is expensive, thanks to its luxurious looks and clean sheen. It displays a pebbly texture, since weavers go in for high twists with the yarn. You should not find it too difficult to fall in love with this fabric, which is available in diverse prints and colours, and will award your silhouette a bewitching drape! You are welcome to add intricate embroidery or other embellishments to your wedding dress.

Georgette Silk

Would you like an opaque or a sheer texture for your dress? It is your choice! Take comfort in the fact that, despite being slightly thinner in comparison to other members of the ‘silk’ family, georgette is proud of its durability and glorious strength! Additionally, the rather grainy-textured material is light in weight, displays an enchanting flow and drapes the body in a fluid manner.

Organza Silk

The crisp-looking material is thinner in comparison to other fabrics, as well as transparent. Nevertheless, it is durable and strong, perfect for creating layered outfits. Since it much crisper and heavier than silk gauze, you may expect your wedding dress to exhibit splendid smoothness, a great flat finish, and healthy stiffness.

Cotton Silk

No, this is not something that you use for the actual wedding! However, it does come in handy for pre-wedding rituals, such as sangeet ceremonies, mehendi functions, etc. After all, you do not need to present very grand appearances at such times!

The Velvet Touch

It should come as no surprise to anyone why the nobility of yester years adored this material! It made them appear highly aristocratic and distinct from the common classes! Even today, velvet fabric is so gorgeously magnificent to behold! This is because innovative weavers distribute the cut threads of silk and occasional cotton in such an even manner, that the tufted and woven outcome is superbly smooth and soft to the touch!

Therefore, if you are dying to look like a regal, graceful and elegant princess on your wedding day, this opulent-looking material in shades of wine red, dark blue, peacock blue, etc, is just for you!


Several fabrics can keep the bride looking warm, comfortable and glorious on her wedding day. Therefore, it becomes possible to have a memorable winter wedding, filled with joy.

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