Top Eleven SEO Tools that SEO Experts Use Nowadays

SEO Tools

Every website is unique in its way hence SEO plans differ from site to site. However, before selecting SEO tools, check out whether the SEO tool and software is outdated and useless or not. You should always research before buying any SEO software because the search engine algorithms keep on changing to improve its search technologies and to provide the most relevant results for its users. To provide consistent results, there exist numerous SEO tools for Google, MSN and Yahoo in the market. However, some of the tools are not good. So, be careful while choosing an appropriate tool for your site. Making your task easy, below is the list of top eleven SEO tools according to their appropriate categories:

SEO Keyword Tools


Ahrefs is one of the most recommended search engine optimisation tools available online. It is second to Google when it comes to being the largest website crawlers. SEO experts cannot get enough of the Site Audit feature of Ahrefs because it provides the best SEO analytics. The tool highlights the parts of your website which require improvements to ensure the best ranking of your site. From a competitor analysis perspective, you would love to use Ahrefs to determine the backlinks of your competitor, and to use them as a starting point for your brand. Also, you can use this tool to find the most trending content within your niche.


KWFinder helps you find long-tail keywords having a lower level of competition. The experts use this tool to find the best keywords and run analysis reports on backlinks and SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This Rank Tracker tool helps you quickly determine your ranking while tracking your improvement based on one key metric. Also, it gives you multiple new keyword ideas to help you rank your website on a higher position.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is another excellent SEO Google Chrome extension which aggregates data from various SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Trends and many more to help you find the best keywords for ranking on the top. This tool uses a combination of free SEO tools to simplify the process of determining the best keywords for your website. So rather than visiting multiple websites every day, use this single tool to save a tremendous amount of time each day.

Marketing SEO Tools


SEMRush is a favourite marketing tool for experts in the SEO community. Experts love this tool because they can quickly assess the rankings and make changes to them to get new ranking opportunities. The most popular feature of this tool is the Domain Vs Domain analysis which allows you to compare your website to your competitors easily. Moreover, the analytics report helps you in understanding the search data, traffic, and competitors for your site. You can also compare keywords and domains through SEMRush. Above that, the On-Page SEO Checker tool SEMRush allows you to monitor the rankings easily and recommends you to improve the performance of your website.


According to experts, majestic is one of the best marketing SEO tools which has countless useful features such as The Majestic Million and The Site Explorer. The Majestic Million lets you see the ranking of the top million websites whereas, The Site Explorer lets you see a general overview for your online store along with the number of backlinks you have. Apart from this, Majestic works as an SEO keyword tool which helps you find the best keywords to rank for a while.

SEO Software


Moz is one of the best SEO Software used by experts. Although this software always stays up to date, it provides an insightful response to every question asked by the user. It is a full-service powerhouse for keyword recommendations and site-crawling. It not only provides insights into how your website is performing but also tells you how to improve your site. This tool also has a free MozBar toolbar that allows you to see the metrics of your store while browsing any page. To learn more about SEO, you should consider checking out MozCon, the annual conference of Moz.

Free SEO Tools

Answer The Public

Free SEO tools like Answer The Public allow you to find topics to write about for your e-commerce blog easily. By using this tool, you can create content around the keywords such as fitness, yoga, running, CrossFit, exercise and many more to cover the entire spectrum. Also, this tool is fantastic for finding featured snippet opportunities. All you need to do is easily download the list and send it over to your content writer for the featured content. Because of its qualities, this tool is one of the most efficient ways to come up with SEO topics for new websites.


SpyFu also has a fantastic premium version; however, many experts rave about its free features. Being an amateur, start with a free version of this tool and later on quickly grow into the paid features as you start succeeding. SpyFu lets you view the number of times a keyword gets searched each month while efficiently determining the difficulty to rank for a particular keyword. Also, you can do some research on your competitors to determine the keywords they use. You can search the website of your competitors to quickly see how many organic keywords they have, how many monthly clicks they get, who their paid and organic competitors are, the ads they created on Google Adwords and many more. Because of its features, SpyFu is one of the most detailed SEO analysis tools present in the market.


SEO experts consider SEOQuake amongst the best free SEO tools. This Google Chrome extension acts as an SEO checker tool which performs on-page site audits, assesses both internal and external links while also making website comparisons to help you determine how you perform against your competitors. Other features of this analysis tool include keyword analysis such as keyword density, an easy to read SEO dashboard, and an export feature that allows you to easily download and send data to key people of your team.

SEO Analysis Tool


Siteliner is an SEO checker tool that helps you find duplicate content on your website. What is duplicate content? Duplicate content is the content identical to other websites. As Google penalises websites for plagiarism so, with the help of Siteliner, you can quickly scan the entire website to find duplicate content, broken links, average page size and speed, the number of internal links per page and many more features. Above that, this tool compares your website to the websites checked with this tool to help you better understand where you stand.

Advanced SEO Tools


If you are looking for an advanced SEO tool, then your research ends at CORA because Cora checks 540 different factors from the top 100 search results for your chosen keywords. By analysing real live data for both on-page and off page elements, it provides you with the list of elements which correlate along with their ranking factors. Above that, Cora provides you with a roadmap and shows you your deficits. The report also lets you know if there is any over optimised section exist on your site. With all these qualities, CORA is the best SEO tool for a medium to large sized business.


Though I have mentioned the top eleven SEO tools in this write-up, only the tools mentioned on this list are not sufficient for the growth of your business. No doubt these tools help you understand the technical aspects in a better manner and how you can improve the optimisation of your website. However, these tools would not work alone. You also have to put in efforts to get the results you want. It means producing SEO optimised content, rewriting all your business descriptions and turning them into an article that suits your niche and making adjustments according to the information learned from these tools is the list of efforts you need to put in for your business.

No doubt you can easily opt for these tools for improvisation in your business and a budget-friendly solution because these tools provide you with the required information. Also, most of these tools have a free trial. However, think of these SEO checker tools as mentors only; the mentors who tell you what you need to improve on. Follow their suggestions to skyrocket your growth, but your ultimate success falls on you. So, along with these tools put you’re the best effort to enhance your growth.

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