Top Six Fashion Trends for Preteens

Fashion Trends

Fashion is the famous style in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, makeup or hairstyle styled by fashion stylists and followed by the audience. In this modern era, the technology is getting advanced day by day, and so are the fashion trends. That is why nowadays preteens expect more out of their closet than the already-popular ethnic and western wear. Over the past few years, Indo-Western attire which is an exciting blend of Indian and western attire is in a boom for Indian tweens.

This clothing trend is prevalent among tweens because it allows them to experiment with various styles, express themselves and look quirky yet fashionable. In fact, flaunting Indo-Western fusion apparel has become the most popular trend in preteen fashion costume. So, to make sure your tweens carry off the appropriate style, here are a few fashion tips for your kids:

In-trend Outfits

The most suitable way to carry off a fusion dress is to mix and match various clothing options. For this sort of style, the loincloth look is one of the most sought-after trends. Boys can pair a loincloth with a funky, printed T-shirt to have a whole new look to flaunt. Similarly, girls can pair a loincloth with a written or solid coloured T-shirt with a scarf to amp up their style quotient. The ensemble is easy to create, looks bizarre and is convenient to wear. The best part about this attire is it works for both girls and boys.

The Jacket Jazz a Boom

The jacket-jazz is one single style which tops the fashion charts every season. Jackets are the best fusion wear for both girls and boys. Boys can pair a khadi Nehru jacket with a kurta and distressed jeans whereas, girls can carry off the same outfit with a silk shrug. The Jacket Jazz is a tried and tested fashion trend in the fusion category which is loved by all.

The elegance of Embroidery

When it is a matter of experimenting with a new style, then embroidery is the best option because it never goes wrong. There are many ways to carry off embroidered dresses. Girls can try the classic Indian thread embroidery or mirror work on western dresses to look stunning whereas; boys can pair a self-patterned kurta or Nehru jacket with funky prints to uplift the fashion outcome.

Draping of a Dupatta

Dupattas are one of the most beautiful apparel trends in fusion wear. Nowadays a variety of colours and fabric options are available in scarves. That is why the dupatta statement is high on fashion value and works for all seasons. Girls can pair a trendy dupatta with either a dress, skirt or denim to see the magic whereas; boys can wear tie-dye or printed shawl with T-shirts and jeans to shore things up.

Artistic Accessories

Accessories add on to the bling factor of any outfit. However, overdo of bling is not the right way to go. So, following the quote ‘Excess of everything is bad’, there is a proper methodology to carry off this fashion statement. Tweens love to move with an ease that is why their costume should not interfere. So, to style accessories appropriately, girls can add a set of small traditional earrings, a tribal beaded neck piece or colourful bangles over any western outfit to give it an Indian look. Similarly, boys can either flaunt a brooch on the jacket or wear a bracelet on the wrist for the desi flavour.

Sober cum Classy Footwear

When nothing else is around, then the best fashion hack left for trying is footwear. Both boys and girls can experiment a lot with footwear because various styles of footwear bless you with different fashion styles. One out of them is a vibrant pair of Kolhapuri chappals that push up the style quotient of every girl’s wardrobe. Similarly, boys can try a couple of Indian mojris with denim along with a kurta or T-shirt to rock the look.

The above is the list of top six fashion trends for preteens which they can carry off easily and comfortably.

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