Why You Need to Visit Switzerland Once in a Lifetime?

If there is a corner of stability in the world, then this is Switzerland – a symbol of prestige and prosperity, a country with the most reliable banks, the most amazing ski resorts, the most delicious cheese and the best watches in the world!

Switzerland received its name from Schwyz, one of three small cantons, which, united, created the Confederation. It is a country with virgin nature and indescribably beautiful landscapes: majestic mountains covered with eternal snows, the purest blue lakes, fast rivers and noisy waterfalls.

Among this natural diversity there are real attractions. Mount Matterhorn – a true legend of Switzerland, it is even listed in the list of the main attractions of the country. Matterhorn Peak is so beautiful that it is replicated on most souvenirs and sweets. Another natural wonder is also in Switzerland – Lake Geneva – the largest in Western Europe.

  • Climate and Whether of This Place:

The climate of Switzerland is no less contrasted than its nature. In no other European country are there such striking natural contrasts within such a small territory. In this amazing country, the Arctic and the tropics are found: mosses and lichens, palms and mimosas grow on the mountain slopes; In forests, deciduous trees alternate with conifers, beaches and chestnuts – with spruces, pines and larches.

North of the highest alpine peaks and in the central part of the country, the relatively cold weather is determined by the predominant influence of the Atlantic. In the south – it is soft Mediterranean. It is snowing in the highlands in winter and it rains the rest of the time. And in the Alpine valleys almost at any time of the year – dry and sunny weather.

  • Main Attraction Of This Place

Not only all the beauties of nature, but also outstanding creations of human hands are concentrated in this fabulous place in a small space. The diversity of landscape, architecture, languages, luxury hotels & lifestyle, ​​and culture makes this country in the heart of Europe a special small world.

The architecture of this amazing country bears the trace of all the main styles. Here and the ruins of the Roman amphitheater, and the fortress of the Renaissance, and the Baroque monasteries, traditional village houses and ultra-modern business centers, Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals.

There are four indigenous peoples living compactly in historically established national areas – and four state languages. German is spoken in the Center and in the northeast of the country, French is in the lead in the west. Italian speech is most often heard in southern Switzerland. And in the canton of Grisons , about 70 thousand people call their native language Roto-Romanesque. Every Swiss, except his own, knows or at least understands another language – his neighbor. The Swiss are friendly hospitable people, although at times they may seem somewhat phlegmatic.

The cultural life of the country is diverse and rich. Each big city has its own theater and symphony orchestra. More than 600 museums in Switzerland are pleased with the variety of exhibitions and expositions.

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